Welding of aluminum
This metal and its alloys are often used as construction materials – they are used, inter alia, for the manufacture of automotive fuel tanks, air conditioning ducts or rims. This material is characterized by good properties – it is light, durable, resistant to corrosion and easy to shape. In addition, any defects and damage caused to aluminum components can be welded.

Although we specialize in various methods, we usually weld aluminum using two methods: TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) and MIG (Metal Inert Gas). TIG methods are used to work on materials of small thickness (also below 1 mm) – it is extremely practical, because you can use it in all places. The advantages of TIG are certainly the high quality of the weld, which is also characterized by its purity.

We apply the MIG method to work on materials of greater thickness. This method is equally suited for welding pure aluminum as well as various alloys of this material. Welds made in this way are of good quality. In addition, MIG is characterized by high efficiency.

Examples of our company’s implementation in this area include:

repair of leaking fuel tanks (automotive, agricultural and construction machines, etc.),
regeneration of broken air conditioning ducts,
renovation of broken rims,
repair of damaged structures.
In the field of aluminum welding, however, we also carry out other, unusual services – interested customers are invited to contact us by phone or visit our plant in Przywory in the Opolskie.
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